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The Value of Rest

We value getting things done. Or we value activity and staying busy. We do so many things. Our lives are so full. Rest is not only good for your body; it is vital for your soul and healing for your heart. Rest is not mere sleep, though that is a part of rest. Rest is the choice to cease, to stop, to enjoy, to pray, to worship, to love, to smell the roses, as it were.


Eugene Peterson rightly summarizes this entire idea of Sabbath as “pray and play.” Part of your rest needs to have an intentional component where your heart, soul, mind, will are consciously and purposefully engaging with God. Listening. Worshiping. Praying. Giving God space to speak into your life and communicate his grace and truth to you. But another part needs to be play.


This is not an unbridled pursuit of pleasure with no room for God and no regard for God’s ways, but it is joyful, life-restoring, fun, playful activity with God fully welcome and honored.


Rest without God is a break, but that’s about it. But Rest with God is life for your soul and nourishment for your entire being. I do pray you take some time for Rest with God and make it a regular part of your life – every week, and every year.



Pastor Jeremy






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Main Worship Gathering


Each Sunday, starting at 10:30 AM.

During this time, child care is provided. We offer a staffed Nursery, as well as The Vine for elementary aged children.

(Temporarily On-Line Only Due to Health Safety Measures. Find the LiveStream on either our YouTube Channel or FaceBook Page)


The Way: An Adult Learning Community

(Further dates to be announced)

We are gathering online only at the present time. Please text your name, number, and email to 717-500-3938 no later that Noon on the day we meet if you would like to join.


Sunday Training

We have a few other groups that meet so they can grow closer to Christ and to one another. When it is safe to meet, at 9 AM on Sunday mornings, you will have the possibility of joining one of two adult classes:


Grace Café

Grace Cafe’ is Bright Hope’s adult ministry for spiritual growth.



Connections is Bright Hope’s ministry for young adults.


Got questions about life, faith, meaning, or purpose? Try Alpha!

Friends, Food, Talk, Discussion. Why am I here? Is there more to life than this? Does it all mean anything? Hear some perspectives. Say what you think. Explore together.





Bible Study and Prayer Gatherings

The strategic heart of a church is its prayer ministry. The church gathered to intercede will always have a heart of vision, power and ministry. We invite you to join us for prayer time on Wednesdays at 7 pm. We are gathering online at the present time. Connect via phone at 717-500-3938 before noon on Wednesdays to be included in this special time.


Life Groups

Life Groups are a core part of Bright Hope Fellowship. They are something we believe can be life-changing. It is a goal that every person be involved in a Life Group. These groups are specifically designed to help each  person in three ways. First, because friendship is important, Life Groups provide an element of fellowship and connection. Secondly, our groups provide an opportunity for individuals to grow in their relationship with God- in a healthy environment. We know we are growing when we apply the things we have learned from the Bible. Life Group members hold each other accountable to live out the biblical truths being taught. Thirdly, Life Group members serve, care and pray for each other- helping one another deal with the realities of life. If you are not in a Life Group, we invite you to join one this fall! Groups typically meet every other week. Please contact us for specific Life Group times and locations.







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