CoVid-19 Reality


We have been living with significant disruption and difficulty these days. We are so thankful for the needful resilience and adaptability that people have shown during this time. We continue to care about the health and safety of our communities, and that includes the more vulnerable populations and their caregivers. Currently, our property is open to pre-scheduled, pre-approved private gatherings of 25 or less. Also, beginning June 7, we are open on a limited basis for a weekly public worship service at 10:30 a.m. Sundays, but children's ministries and other Sunday morning classes are not yet resuming.


We expect and respect that each family is at a different place in their journey. Therefore, we will continue providing on-line streaming of our Sunday worship service on YouTube and FaceBook but that stream will not be available until Sundays at 3 p.m. due to the limitations of our Internet Service Provider. A ‚Äčnumber of our groups are providing a hybrid, where people have the choice of attending either online (via Zoom) or in-person.


Those meeting face to face (whether in small groups or in the worship gathering) are asked to follow Best Practices, which include but are not limited to frequent hand washing, social distancing, the proper use of face masks, and screening oneself at home before coming if one has knowingly had close contact with someone known or presumed to have CoVid-19. Group leaders and organizers are expected to have completed the training provided on implementing Best Practices. Thank You!


We want to connect with you. Whatever happens in the broader community and whatever limitations we face, our Church is People, not property. We Are People Seeking To Grow As A Loving Community Pursuing Grace, Truth, And Hope In Jesus. If you are interested in meeting with a staff member, a leader, or connecting with a group, please fill out the Contact Us form and mention in the comments how we may serve you. Thank you so much!!